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Read about New Year’s Eve news, gossip, buzz and much more. Want to host a New Year’s party at home? Want to know how to impress your significant other on New Year’s? Wondering about where to travel to for New Year’s? Find answers to these questions and many more below. Our articles section is designed to give you information about the history of New Year’s Eve, great ideas to celebrate this joyous holiday, and ways to enhance your experience. We put much time and effort into compiling great content for our readers to enjoy. So please give us feedback and let us know how we’re doing! Contact us today. Thank you!

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What’s New Year’s Eve really about?

New Year’s Eve is a time of great celebration. One may ask themselves, why? The reason is simple. It is the perfect time to gather and reminisce about the past. It is also a great opportunity to think of the future and cultivate plans for the years to come. New Year’s Eve is about the following:

Family: It’s time to relax at home with your family. An extended family gathering is good for this time of year, even if it is just for the daytime. New Year’s Eve is a time for grandparents to remind the younger generation of the value of time well spent. Rehash the events of the past year that have left a mark on your life and relay your ideas to make changes in the coming year. It is the perfect time for working parents to show that they have time for their family by taking a timeout and enjoying each other’s company.

Friends: Why limit yourself to only family gatherings; invite close friends of the family for a day of fun and adventure. Let the kids play together while the adults converse. Friends are necessary for a smooth daily life. Let them know you appreciate them, for their support throughout the year. If possible, show your love and appreciation by giving them a small gift to represent your friendship.

Reflection: New Year’s Eve is about reflection. How can we move forward if we do not look back on, and understand, past actions and situations. This is a time for people of all ages to realize the importance of lost time, so that they can ensure that the future is spent doing important and progressive things. For families, this could be spending more time together. For workaholics, that could mean the same, or simply taking a week off to relax.

New Year’s Resolutions: These are a means of making promises for the year to come. This can be a personal promise, like the intention to change a characteristic or smile more. It can also be a promise to do something for the public, for example, you may commit yourself to helping your local community by volunteering.

Kissing someone special at midnight: This is one of the most widespread reasons for young loves to celebrate on New Year’s Eve. You go out partying, or find a quiet place to have dinner, with the person you love or just want to share a special kiss with. You may be anxious leading up to the big moment. However, once the countdown gets to one, you are ready. You share a kiss that starts in one year and continues into the next.

Having fun at the most amazing parties ever: Having uninhibited fun on the New Year’s Eve is what the day is all about for many people. For regular partygoers, it is the ultimate party night. You get to meet new people from all over the world. You get to enjoy yourself without worry, supported by the euphoria of the holiday. You also get to have amazing experiences and the most amazing night possible for both the start and end a year. Combine 2012 and 2013 by spending December 31 at the most extravagant party in your area.

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The most popular New Year’s resolutions?

New Year’s resolutions are promises we make to ourselves to make changes for the following year. These promises are as personal as altering our personality traits, or as public as committing a few hours a week to a charity organization. New Year’s resolutions come in many forms; usually declarations or written lists.

Most people make resolutions as a means of willing themselves to make a change. Often times, these resolutions are not achieved, but it can serve as a motivator for the individual. The possibility of achieving the resolution depends on whether the resolution is realistic, and the will of the person to achieve it. For example:

– A 29 year old woman makes a resolution to get married within a year. This may not happen because she is not the only one in control. She may have the will; however, she also needs a groom. And the groom must also get married within that year.

– Someone decides to gain control of their anger. The possibility of this occurring depends on the person’s willingness to seek the necessary help.

Because of the strength and dedication that must be present in order to achieve New Year’s resolutions, some people make the same promises to themselves every year on New Year’s Eve. It is important that you find out what is important to you and make a realistic promise to yourself, to increase the probability of achieving it.

The most popular New Year’s Eve resolutions include:

– A commitment to spend more time with one’s family.

– A promise to drink less alcohol or quit the addiction completely.

– An intention to eat healthy foods and utilize environmentally friendly practices.

– A decision to gain higher education: Go to college or finally get one’s GED.

– The intention to learn how to manage your finances effectively- learn to minimize debt and better utilize your present income.

– Quit Smoking: start using a nicotine patch or gum, or decrease the amount of cigarettes per day by half.

– Travel: go to the place one has always dreamed of going.

– Put an end to procrastination: Spend one’s time doing what needs to be done.

– The declaration that you will lose a specified amount of weight.

– The promise to work towards a promotion or getting a good job.

– The decision to give back to the community: through community service or donations.

It is your willpower that will result in the loss of a few pounds or a new outlook on life. You have the power to decide if you will work extremely hard towards a raise at your job and if you will finally purchase your dream home or car. Resolutions are important because they drive individuals to make changes in their lives. They are a way of opening up about your greatest wants, and a reason to try and achieve your ultimate dream.

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Where should you be during the New Year’s Eve countdown?

Where should you be during the New Year’s Eve countdown? The answer to this question leads to another question. Where do you want to be? The countdown should be spent with family and friends. As the ball drops and it gets closer to the New Year, who would you be happy to share a laugh with, or a New Year kiss? These are the persons that must surround you at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Wherever you are when the New Year starts is supposed to be filled with happiness and laughter. Ringing in the New Year is a beautiful and highly festive moment. You should be a part of the celebration.

There are three main places that are ideal for the New Year’s Eve countdown. These are: at Times Square, at a New Years’ Eve party and at home.

Times Square is the place to be for a very festive and unforgettable New Year’s Eve celebration. At this time of the year the city is beautifully decorated with beautiful lights of every color. The crowd is huge. However, the people are laughing with joy and you can sense the excitement of the evening. Whatever tension you had has evaporated and you are now looking forward to the New Year. As the Ball Drops you are filled with excitement, because you are seeing it in person, almost up close. You watch the ball as it descends and you are amazed at how this event incites a feeling of happiness inside you every year. You are overcome with joy and you are hopeful for the New Year that has just begun.

A New Year’s Eve party is also a good place to be, especially if you are single. The social mixing and mingling will allow you to meet new people and start new friendships. A party at this time of year is any gathering that has a minimum of three guests. Find a party or create your own. No one should celebrate this holiday alone. The joy with which it must be celebrated, and the euphoria it brings, demands that it be shared. The New Year’s party is not only for the single. It is great for couples as well. The couple which parties together, stays together. The party will allow you to have an exciting evening. If you are not the partying type this will allow you the opportunity to show your partner that you are versatile. You are able to do things that they love and enjoy doing it.

The other party spot is your home. Yes! The home is a very intimate setting that can be used for family celebrations. You may reuse your Christmas decorations and add a few New Year’s decorations to make the holiday fun for your children. Create the atmosphere and start your own New Year’s Eve traditions. Serve some popcorn and watch the ball drop live on TV. Make a toast at midnight, with your favorite drink. Not everyone can go to Times Square or a party on New Year’s Eve. Some people have the opportunity, yet opt to stay at home. Where you spend the New Year is your choice, so make those last few minutes count. Just find company that suits you and a have a happy New Year!

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Why do we have a Champagne toast at midnight?

New Year’s Eve is a time of great celebration. As a means of expressing ourselves we perform traditional acts, such as watching the ball drop in Times Square, or on the television. We often attend gatherings of varying sizes or sit with our families until midnight to celebrate together. Traditions are important to us. New Year’s Eve traditional practices are constant. Some of these practices include kissing, watching the ball drop and having a champagne toast at midnight. The champagne toast is a very fitting end to the year, as it marks not only the transition of time, but the importance with which we view the New Year.

Why do we have a champagne toast at midnight? There is no exact account to answer this question. However, the strength of this continued practice and the other occasions for which we toast can give an idea as to why. We make toasts at weddings, dinners and other gatherings, whenever we wish to share some important information.

Let us examine the ballroom dancing of the past, with kings and queens and other noblemen in attendance. They would laugh, dance and feast. However, when an important announcement is to be announced by the royal family, they all stop with a drink in hand and listen.

“Hear ye, hear ye!”

The toast is made and they all salute with the raising of the glass and then a sip of the liquid that splashes against the container. This scene is a picture of elegance and sophistication. The imagined fluidity with which each person moves is an indication of tradition. Just imagine.

Who is to dispute that the tradition didn’t originate by accident? Anything is possible, yet the tradition lives on. It is New Year’s Eve, and the party is going great. Everyone has a drink in hand, whether they are sitting or standing in clusters. A man scurries across the dance floor. He accidentally bumps into another person, the music halts, and everyone turns their attention to him. Embarrassed and unsure how to divert the attention, the man addresses the crowd.

“Hello. Goodnight.” No one responds and he gets anxious. “Happy new year!!” he shouts and everyone rejoices. That seems probable right?

Tradition lives on. This is so in our culture and others around the world. No one really knows how the idea of having a champagne toast at midnight started. However, in our hearts we know why it continues. Whether someone purposefully toasted at midnight on New Year’s Eve, or it was an accident, the tradition helps us to remember the importance of the holiday celebration and allows us to enjoy the company of others.

The annual Champagne toast at midnight, which is practiced by millions of people, is a means of getting everyone involved in the celebration of the New Year. Each of us acknowledges the change with a sip of champagne, or another drink if champagne is not available. This tradition is a means of recognizing change, and the sparkling expectation for the future.

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Why do millions gather every year at Times Square on December 31?

Times Square is the number one place to celebrate the New Year. One can bask in the festivities and contagious happiness of the people around. Times Square is famous for the Ball Drop. This is a phenomenon that must be witnessed by everyone at least once in their lifetime. Millions gather at Times Square each year for this memorable event. Those who are unable to attend, watch the event from their television.

New Year’s Eve is a great time for celebration. It involves reminiscing about the previous year and reflects the passage of time through the descent of the ball. As it nears the bottom, one is made aware of the year’s end. One is also made to realize the importance of time, because it cannot be frozen or regained once lost. This is a reminder to make the most of the time you have, because it is in the heat of the moment that actions have the most effect. There is hope and expectations for the New Year in the overall appearance of the ball. This ball of light is symbolic of the fragility of the future, as there is no way to predict it or direct life’s course. The bright glow is the hope that anything one sets one’s mind to is possible, and if one works towards it, the probability of achieving it will increase.

Why do people gather every year at Times Square on December 31? The answer is simple. They want to ring in the New Year in a way that is exceptional and highly symbolic. The atmosphere is highly suitable for families and friends. The ball drop has become a tradition for many. Tradition influences the turnout because families want to have something special to share. The Ball Drop has been around for over 100 years. It is a constant reminder of the New Year, and thus it is a great annual tradition for families who want to experience change together, and have something to share for generations to come.

The Times Square Ball Drop allows you to share the magic of the New Year with the people you love. If you are unable to make it to the square you can still bask in the radiance of the event. Watching it on the television is not the same, however it has a similar effect on the viewers.  The importance of this event and the reason why people keep coming back every year are the festivities and the celebrative sensation. The event is like a large party, you are able to meet new people and celebrate with your friends and family. You are incited to reflect on the year that is about to finish and maybe even make a New Year’s resolution. You are also able to experience great hope for the future. Euphoria spreads throughout Times Square on December 31.

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The history behind the Times Square Ball Drop

The Times Square Ball Drop is a traditional event that has made a positive impact on our lives and that of many across the world. This event commenced in 1904 and has continued to give the people of America hope, every New Year’s Eve. The Ball Drop is a constant reminder of the passage of time and the importance of family. Every year, millions of families gather in Times Square or in front their television for the dramatic and beautiful spectacle.

In 1904, the first official Ball Drop was commemorated with the opening of the New York Times’ new headquarters. The Times Square celebration did not start out with the dropping of the ball. It was a great party that was designed for people of all ages. There was an all day festival in the streets of Times Square and a spectacular display of fireworks at midnight. This new celebration ignited happiness and the joy of celebration in everyone who was lucky enough to experience the Times Square New Year’s Eve.

Times Square instantly became the place in New York City to ring in the New Year. The ball became the focus of the celebration in 1907, when the fireworks display was banned by the city. In order to ensure that there was something special to look forward to, the ball drop idea was initiated.

The first New Year’s Eve Ball was made of iron and wood. It was 5 feet in diameter and adorned with one hundred 25-watt light bulbs, bringing it’s weighed to 700 pounds. This illuminated ball was lowered from the tower flagpole precisely at midnight to signal the end of 1907 and the beginning of 1908. New Year’s Eve in Times Square instantly became a permanent part of our cultural fabric.

In 1920, the original ball was replaced by a 400 pound iron ball. In 1955, the iron ball was replaced by a 200 pound aluminum ball. The Ball was later upgraded with aluminum skin, rhinestones, computer controls and other beautifying things.

However, in 2000, the New Year’s Eve Ball was completely redesigned by Waterford Crystal. It became a crystal Ball. This was combined with the latest technology to represent the beginning of a new millennium.

The only time between 1907 and the present, when the ball was not dropped, was in 1942 and 1943. This was because there was, a wartime “dim-out” of lights in New York City. However, people still gathered in Times Square to greet the New Year. This gathering place had become a true place of tradition.

New Year’s Eve in Times Square is now a truly exceptional and international event. This celebration is responsible for the annual gathering of millions of people. One Times Square is now the place for the famous ball-lowering ceremony. The world can join in the festivities of New Year’s Eve in Times Square. The lowering of the ball has become the world’s symbolic goodbye to the old year and welcome to the new one.

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How to plan a New Year’s Eve party at home?

New Year’s is a time of great celebration. You may wish to plan a large gathering or enjoy the night with your closest friends and family. New Year’s Eve is a time to share happiness and enjoy the mystery of the coming year. You may want to experience this great transition of time at a party. There are two types of parties that you can throw at home, and either one can be very risky to plan, yet extremely great if carried out successfully. The home is great venue for a New Year’s Eve party. The Christmas décor and the thrill of the new year will make the party a dream, to the onlooker. To help give a magical effect, it can be effectively decorated in the colors of the rainbow, with the sparkling of gold and silver throughout.

Pre-planned Parties: You can spend months planning the perfect New Year’s Eve party. This is the party that you discuss with your closest friends and family. You may even hire a caterer and a bartender. Planning a party is a good means of maintaining control of what will happen on New Year’s Eve and the people that will show up.

– The first thing you need to decide is the theme of the party. Is it a family party or an adult party?

– You will need an estimated guest list, on which to base the amount of food and drinks that will be necessary. The size of the party and the intended guests also has a bearing on the type of food served. If it’s a family gathering, the members can take a pot of their specialty meal to the party, or their favorite wine. Everyone can pitch in to relieve the financial burden of the host. However, if the guests are mostly strangers, you can advertise it as a bottle party. Therefore, the guests can bring drinks and share some of the financial burden. However, many people will discard this and show up empty handed. You may opt to continue the Christmas festivity by serving concoctions like eggnog and serving home cooked meals.

– Music is important for a successful party. Is there a DJ in the family that will spin or do you need to hire one? The music will determine whether or not people have fun. If they can’t dance, they will go somewhere where they can.

Spontaneous Parties: You are bored at home for New Year’s Eve contemplating watching the ball drop on television, when you realize that you should host a party. You are excited, yet a bit terrified, because you have no idea what to do. Here is a suggestion:

– Send a mass text message to everyone in your phone book, with an invite and a RSVP request. If you know how many people intend to appear, you can estimate the amount of food and drinks necessary. A good idea is to make the party a bottle party. You won’t have to run by the liquor store to pick up drinks, although an ice run is a must. Gather as much take-out food as you can, such as pizza and other finger foods, keeping in mind the type of guests. The people you invite or who may show up are also important. Create an atmosphere where all your guests will want to become the “life of the party”.

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Best New Year’s Gifts

Gift ideas are plentiful, be it for the New Year or any other special occasion. The key to selecting the best gift is to know tiny details about the person for whom the gift is for. It all depends on who the gift is for and what that person means to you. You should have a good enough idea of what the person is like and what they might appreciate. The best gifts are those with meaning attached. Simple details that may help you when gift shopping are:

– The person’s favorite color

– The person’s favorite hobby

– The person’s favorite song, singer or author

– How you feel about the person

The best New Year’s gift ideas for children:

Girls: They will love toys. A good idea is to complement a Christmas gift for which they have shown great love. You could buy a house set for a doll, or clothes and other accessories. Little girls will love this. If you do not have the money to buy a second gift for the New Year, you can also sew a little dress for the doll. A dress matching one of the little girl’s dresses will do the trick. They will be sure to remember this wonderful gesture.

Boys: One word! Games! PC, Wii or Playstation games will be greatly appreciated. Keep in mind that this also means you have to know the type of games that he will like. It’s always good to find a fun and educational game that both children and parents can enjoy. Perhaps “Wheel of Fortune” or “Scrabble”?

The Best New Year’s gifts for teens

– The safest bet would be a gift card. By doing this the teenager will be able to purchase something that he or she loves, something that changes constantly when you are a teenager.

– Girls would also appreciate jewelry; something simple with a pendant will do the trick. However, if the pendant is in the shape of the first letter of her name or resembles something that she favors, the gift will be greatly appreciated.

– Teenage boys love video games. This would be a great gift for them. They would also love the gift of money. This way they can pay for their own dates, save towards their first car, etc.

The best New Year’s gift for an adult:

Most adults will appreciate whatever you give them for the New Year. The general gifts are a bottle of wine and gift cards. However, if he or she is special to you, thought must be put into your purchase. The sentiment behind the gift says everything. You have to know who she is on the inside and what she will appreciate. To be safe, buying something in her favorite color will often do the trick. You may also get her a gift that is by her favorite author or brand. Jewelry will always work. It is the perfect gift. If you are observant you may also notice that there is something she needs, e.g. a new hairdryer. If she needs the gift it will be greatly appreciated and reflect your awareness of her and her needs.

Men are easier to buy for. Just don’t buy socks or ties, unless you are positive they are collectors. These gifts are cliché and present you as thoughtless. To show that the gift was specially selected you must be aware of the man’s favorite color, sport, etc. Even knowledge of his favorite cologne will help. A cologne set reflects just how much you know about him. Other great gifts are tickets to something he enjoys, for example, an upcoming sporting event.

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Best New Year’s Eve Cocktails

Wherever you are for New Year’s Eve is sure to be exciting if you have the right drink in hand. New Year’s Eve celebrations are not the same without delicious cocktails. You may choose to start off with a classic like Cosmopolitan, and move on to those created especially for New Year’s Eve. The best cocktails are attractive to the eyes. They have bright colors and added decorations like lemon wedges, olives and orange twists.

The best New Year’s Eve cocktails are those that contain your favorite ingredients and the right level of potency. Here is a list of some popular and festive cocktails:

The classic Cosmopolitan– This cocktail has been around since the 1990′s. This drink is generally for the females. It is tasty, attractive and bright pink. This drink is the ideal start of the New Year. It is made from ice cold vodka, cointreau, cranberry juice, and a few drops of freshly squeezed lime juice and ice cubes. You may begin with this classic, not only for the taste, but as a reminder that although the year is about to end, there are things from that year which will remain with us.

The Whisky Negroni- This drink is a variation of the classic Negroni that is made with gin. The whiskey Negroni is made from rye whiskey, campari, sweet vermouth and ice. To finish off perfectly, an orange twist is added for garnish. Simply, combine the ingredients and enjoy a tasteful drink of Negroni.

The Millennium Cocktail– This is perfect for the New Year. Although every year is not the start of a millennium, this drink is perfect for a celebration. It is a combination of gin, cherry brandy, orange juice and ginger ale. It will feed your hunger for alcohol and still provide a very sweet flavor.

Elit Millionaire Cocktail– The champagne toast is a major part of the New Year’s Eve celebration. Why not divert from the bottled champagne. This champagne cocktail is a great replacement. In order to create it, you must pour about 1oz of Stoli Elit into a champagne flute. Top off with Perrier Jouet Fluer de Champagne and add a raspberry for garnish. This is a tasty replacement for the midnight Champagne toast.

The Midnight Cocktail– This is a simple drink that should help to keep you on the dance floor for a very long time. It is a combination of Vodka and coffee liqueur. The name is derived from its appearance as when dark liqueurs are used it can appear as dark as midnight.

The Happy New Year – This is a replacement for the typical champagne. This is ideal for any special occasion, especially the Midnight Champagne Toast. To make this drink you will need brandy, ruby port, orange juice and champagne. Poor everything except the champagne into a cocktail shaker and shake well. Pour the mixture into a champagne flute and top it off with champagne. This is sure to taste more interesting than the regular champagne and make your night a bit more special.

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The New Year’s Eve 2013 color of the year is…

Fashion is a major part of New Year’s Eve. Fashionistas decide upon the perfect colors for the evening and start trends, that others often adapt immediately. Well, it is hard to decide the color for New Year’s Eve 2013. The true color for this year is whatever you want. It is your decision. Wear the colors that you love, the only good advice you should listen to is “wear bright colors”. New Year’s Eve is a time to enjoy yourself and that can’t be done unless you are comfortable in your clothing. The universal understanding of Black is that it is gloomy. Stick to bright cheerful colors that will spread the joy of the holiday.

Bright colors that you may choose to wear are:

BLUE – This is a patriotic color, and also a favorite of many. If you should don an outfit in this color you are sure to be a representation of strength. If this is your favorite color, or the color you already have in your closet, do not be afraid to wear it. Be comfortable, as you party around in the city or your tiny apartment. Dance the night away, share a New Year’s kiss with someone dressed in red, and make a toast at midnight. New Year’s Eve is the last night of the year for you to be yourself and make whatever impression you want, in whatever color you want.

RED – This is a cheerful and romantic color, with a hint of sadness for the year that is about to disappear. This color can also be  a very happy color because it signifies good luck in some cultures. Embrace the color. Wearing red will surely draw attention and turn you into the Belle of the ball. This color represents the desires for the New Year and the expectations that you have, or will have. Be bold this New Year’s Eve and wear red. Wear whatever color suits you or whichever you favor. Men who will dress in suits for the night may opt for a red tie. Colored ties make statements. The night is yours to do whatever you want.

YELLOW – New Year’s Eve demands bright colors. Yellow is one such color. Embrace the wonder of the season by wearing bright colors that are dear to your heart. Celebrate in style and comfort. Be confident in your outfit and have a great time by choosing the color that no one will expect you to wear, yellow!

Other bright colors may be worn. You may also combine the colors to match personal taste and complement your mood. SILVER and GOLD play a major role in the decorations and also the outfits. These colors can be the base of the outfit or just an accessory. Add a golden necklace or a golden watch. Add a silver bracelet or silver earrings. Gold and Silver are representative of the goals we set for the New Year and the Major changes we are about to encounter in our life’s journey.

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How to impress your wife on New Year’s?

After years of marriage there is not much you can do to surprise the wife, much less impress her. This is when you have to pull on everything in your imagination and do something that will force happy tears to her eyes, or at least a moment of speechlessness. The first question you must ask yourself is what would she like? If you come up with a few answers, and you should, then there is another question you need to ask yourself. Have I ever done anything similar to this, for her? An affirmative answer means you will have to delete that option from the list of possibilities. For the answers that were answered with a “no”, there is still hope.

Examine each idea. There is no set way to impress your wife. It is all up to you to find the perfect idea and then execute it. Every woman is different, in likes and expectations. If the idea seems a bit too normal, discard it. If the possibility exists that it will have an opposite effect compared to what you intend, discard it also.

Whatever you are left with is sure to be gold. You are supposed to know your wife, and have a good idea as to what will impress her.

A simple idea is to just do something that you haven’t done in a long time. This can be a candle lit dinner or just having the house all to yourselves. A little time alone is sometimes all it takes to make her love you even more. Here is an idea:

– Send the kids to the grandparents’ house and have an intimate evening at home, or hire a nanny and go out for the evening.

– If you stay home, a somewhat cliché candle lit dinner will do the trick, with a few personal touches such as her favorite scented candles, her favorite song playing soft on the radio, a tasty meal, definitely not something she had cooked and an overall elegant setting. Transform the everyday home environment. Have dinner on the patio, in the garden or on the roof.

– Make great conversation and keep her smiling. A smiling or laughing woman is a happy woman.

– If you opt for the nanny, assess what would make your wife have the most fun, a party or a private dinner. Pre-book an elegant restaurant or get tickets to a party she never thought she would make it to.

– Find a party that will suit her taste, small and intimate or large and exciting.

Have a night she will never forget by reassuring her of your love for her and also of your commitment to her. Make the New Year a balloon of hope that will drift down to you at midnight. Make your wife feel special and she will be impressed.

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How to impress your husband on New Year’s?

New Year’s Eve is a day of celebration to be enjoyed with your loved ones. It is a time of euphoria and willingness to change. There are people with whom you will want to spend this holiday. One such person may be your husband and you will want to impress him. In order to make an impression you will have to do something he does not expect of you.

Impressing your husband on New Year’s Eve can be a very simple task. Especially if you know what will entice him; knowing this is a handy tool, because once you have been in a relationship with someone for a very long time, it becomes very hard to surprise your partner. You already know the things he likes and dislikes. The only thing left to do now is decide what he will like best and arrange to have it carried out.

Impressing your husband can range from watching the typical New Year’s fireworks celebration or planning a night of romance. For persons who are used to romance in their marriage, it may be dull and tedious to plan such an event for this special night. It is recommended that you do something different, like going to the park in the daytime or even planning a special family dinner. He will be impressed if you surprise him with a ticket to his favorite game and promise to attend it with him. By doing this you will show him that you know what he likes and appreciate who he is. You will also show him that you are willing to go out of your way for him, an expression of your love.

If you are generally a shy person, you need to break out of your shell to impress your husband. New Year’s Eve presents you with an opportunity to be the opposite of what your husband knows you to be. If you are not the type of person to go out partying, you must arrange to attend one. If you are the type of person to stay home and watch the ball drop on the television, you should arrange to see it in person instead. Make New Year’s Eve a very memorable event.

You know what your husband likes, so make it happen. Take control of the festivities and make it special. If you are the one who is always in charge, give him the opportunity to plan the evening. For some husbands the ability to choose the place will impress them.  He will appreciate every effort that you put into impressing him, whether you are normally shy or outgoing. Keep the festive occasion in mind. Let whatever you end up doing be a promise for the incoming year. Be selfless and intent upon impressing your husband. The slightest change will allow you to grow closer in your relationship and add to a long lasting and happy marriage.

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Best party city in America for New Year’s?

The best party city in America is very hard to pinpoint. This is because there are so many to choose from. Every major city in America has great celebrations for the New Year. Some of the party cities include: Miami, Atlantic City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Dallas, San Francisco, Washington, New York and Las Vegas. The Best party city is wherever you are, because there is bound to be a great party nearby. New Year’s Eve is a time of great celebration. This means that multiple places, across the county, will host major celebratory events. The year round party locations are even more interesting and exciting during this holiday. The streets of Las Vegas, New York and South Beach become overtly crowded and the party vibes become more electrifying.

Miami – The already exciting place is crawling with excitement during New Year’s Eve celebrations. There are many party spots to choose from. You may celebrate in party spots like Dal Toro, Dream Hotel and Highbar, LIV and Mansion.  South Beach on New Year’s Eve is exceptional. The lights are beautifully arranged throughout to give an exceptional appearance at night time. The spirit of the New Year is everywhere. You will be captivated by the beauty first, and then the thrill of the nightlife. You may also celebrate on a beach, on a yacht or by a pool. The possibilities are endless.

Las Vegas – Las Vegas is a place of even greater excitement. The city is known for its attractive appearance, casinos and nightlife destinations. This already magnificent city is transformed for the holiday. The beauty of the skyline and the excitement of the holiday fuse to create an environment that is sure to have you feeling the joy of the holiday and have a great nightlife experience at the same time. Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas is a once in a lifetime experience; definitely worth exploring.

New York – New York is another exciting place to be. You will be swept into the celebration of the New Year by the annual Times Square Ball Drop. This event attracts millions each year and can only be found in the NYE capital of the world, NYC. Persons who are unable to go to Times Square watch the ball drop on their televisions. The Ball Drop is exciting and highly significant of the passage of the time and the hope associated with a new beginning.

All these places, and some that are not mentioned, are excellent places to spend New Year’s Eve. They allow you to bask in the festivities of the holiday and create wonderful memories. No matter which city you choose to ring in the New Year, America is a special place. The home of the brave, land of the free, and some of the world’s best nightlife destinations.

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Taking your New Year’s plans to South Beach?

Where are you planning to go for the New Year’s Eve celebration? South Beach is the place to be for this holiday. South Beach is a well known party location for people of all ages. Partying in South Beach is not limited to New Year’s Eve, but extends to year-round partying. Taking your New Year’s Eve plans to South Beach is quite simple and you will not regret it. The key to having a great New Year’s Eve celebration in South Beach is to plan early.

– The first thing you will need to do is find a place to stay. Browse the internet or a few travel brochures to find the hotel that is perfect for you. If your finances are limited, stay somewhere cheap. If your intention is to party, you will not be in your room much anyway!

– Knowing where you plan to party beforehand is a great idea. The nightclubs are going to be crowded so it is imperative that you purchase your party tickets way before New Year’s Eve. Everyone will want to go to South Beach for the holiday, so you will have to act quickly.

South Beach is the craze for this holiday because of the genuine party vibes the surrounding establishments give off, and the effort and planning that goes into creating this ultimate celebration. Attractions that entice thousands each year to come down to South Beach are the nightclubs, the beaches and the restaurants.

Nightclubs: South beach is home to some of the hottest nightclubs in America. The list includes the Dream Hotel, Dal Toro lounge, Cameo, and SET. These nightclubs are the place to be during the New Year’s Eve celebration. The already plush and elegant venues will be transformed on December 31 to inspire an amazing festive vibe. There will be over-the-top decorations and performances to entice you, and make your night absolutely sensational.

Beaches: As the name of this location is South Beach, there has to be many beautiful beaches. You may spend your daytime relaxing on the many beaches, which are sure to be in close proximity to your hotel. You may laze away in the sun or partake in some daytime partying. Enjoy the laughter of company and have some fun in the sand. Have a few drinks and dance to the sound of DJ controlled music.

Restaurants: Succulent dishes and your favorite drinks are at your fingertips in South Beach. You may choose a restaurant that is located in your hotel or opt to take a walk or drive. You are sure to come upon a restaurant that will please you with a serving of your favorite dish or their specialty. Some of the restaurants that are frequented by many include Asia de Cuba at Mondrian South Beach and Bistro One LR in Ritz-Carlton. You will not be disappointed.

Plan your New Year’s Eve trip early so that you can wine and dine in South Beach, Florida.

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What to look forward to if traveling to Las Vegas for New Year’s?

Are you considering traveling to Las Vegas for your New Year’s Eve celebration? If you are, then you’re in luck. Experience the beauty of the city and the great nightlife that you have seen only on the television. If you had never thought to visit Las Vegas, you should start thinking about it now. There are many things Las Vegas is known for. These include casinos, hotels, famous nightclubs and great parties – don’t miss out on what this beautiful metropolis has to offer.

Hotels: The hotels are amazing. Plan your arrival for a day or more before the holiday. Relax in the plushest rooms available, and be served by an efficient and friendly hotel staff. Relax at the Wyn, Bellagio, Luxor or MGM Grand. You have the opportunity to relax in your room, take a dip in the pool or try your luck at the casino. There are multiple restaurants in the hotels and around the city from which you can choose. The festive vibes are sure to keep you in the celebratory mood, and keep you happy for the duration of your stay. Experience the finest dining and lounge in the entertainment capital of the world.

Casino: Las Vegas is well known for its casinos. Almost all the hotels have a casino attached to its name. There is the Plaza Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas Club and Hotel Casino and the Venetian Las Vegas casino. These casinos are famous for their beauty and elegance. If you want to get the full Las Vegas experience, you may visit one of the many casinos to test your luck.

Nightclubs: The ultimate nightlife experience is guaranteed on your visit to Las Vegas. The popular and exciting nightclubs, combined with the celebration of the New Year will double the excitement of the city. Venues like the Cathouse and Dal Toro will make the holiday highly exciting by hosting special events. The normal party night is transformed for the New Year. The nightclubs will provide over-the-top entertainment, by acquiring the best DJ’s and artists in the business. Hollywood stars will be all over the city, making Las Vegas the ultimate VIP location for the night. If you prefer the outdoors, without the confines of balcony rails, you may opt to celebrate outside. Try out Las Vegas Boulevard or the Fremont Street Experience.

The Scenery: Las Vegas is beautiful, especially at nighttime. The beautiful architecture, combined with the colorful lights create an atmosphere of wonder. If you celebrate the New Year in an elevated area, you will be able to experience the magnificence of the lights, as they stretch throughout the city. Even if you celebrate on the street you’ll still experience the brilliant lights. There will be fireworks at midnight. This beautiful spectacle will capture your attention and allow you to start the New Year with a feeling of genuine bliss.

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