How to impress your wife on New Year’s?

After years of marriage there is not much you can do to surprise the wife, much less impress her. This is when you have to pull on everything in your imagination and do something that will force happy tears to her eyes, or at least a moment of speechlessness. The first question you must ask yourself is what would she like? If you come up with a few answers, and you should, then there is another question you need to ask yourself. Have I ever done anything similar to this, for her? An affirmative answer means you will have to delete that option from the list of possibilities. For the answers that were answered with a “no”, there is still hope.

Examine each idea. There is no set way to impress your wife. It is all up to you to find the perfect idea and then execute it. Every woman is different, in likes and expectations. If the idea seems a bit too normal, discard it. If the possibility exists that it will have an opposite effect compared to what you intend, discard it also.

Whatever you are left with is sure to be gold. You are supposed to know your wife, and have a good idea as to what will impress her.

A simple idea is to just do something that you haven’t done in a long time. This can be a candle lit dinner or just having the house all to yourselves. A little time alone is sometimes all it takes to make her love you even more. Here is an idea:

– Send the kids to the grandparents’ house and have an intimate evening at home, or hire a nanny and go out for the evening.

– If you stay home, a somewhat cliché candle lit dinner will do the trick, with a few personal touches such as her favorite scented candles, her favorite song playing soft on the radio, a tasty meal, definitely not something she had cooked and an overall elegant setting. Transform the everyday home environment. Have dinner on the patio, in the garden or on the roof.

– Make great conversation and keep her smiling. A smiling or laughing woman is a happy woman.

– If you opt for the nanny, assess what would make your wife have the most fun, a party or a private dinner. Pre-book an elegant restaurant or get tickets to a party she never thought she would make it to.

– Find a party that will suit her taste, small and intimate or large and exciting.

Have a night she will never forget by reassuring her of your love for her and also of your commitment to her. Make the New Year a balloon of hope that will drift down to you at midnight. Make your wife feel special and she will be impressed.

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