How to plan a New Year’s Eve party at home?

New Year’s is a time of great celebration. You may wish to plan a large gathering or enjoy the night with your closest friends and family. New Year’s Eve is a time to share happiness and enjoy the mystery of the coming year. You may want to experience this great transition of time at a party. There are two types of parties that you can throw at home, and either one can be very risky to plan, yet extremely great if carried out successfully. The home is great venue for a New Year’s Eve party. The Christmas décor and the thrill of the new year will make the party a dream, to the onlooker. To help give a magical effect, it can be effectively decorated in the colors of the rainbow, with the sparkling of gold and silver throughout.

Pre-planned Parties: You can spend months planning the perfect New Year’s Eve party. This is the party that you discuss with your closest friends and family. You may even hire a caterer and a bartender. Planning a party is a good means of maintaining control of what will happen on New Year’s Eve and the people that will show up.

– The first thing you need to decide is the theme of the party. Is it a family party or an adult party?

– You will need an estimated guest list, on which to base the amount of food and drinks that will be necessary. The size of the party and the intended guests also has a bearing on the type of food served. If it’s a family gathering, the members can take a pot of their specialty meal to the party, or their favorite wine. Everyone can pitch in to relieve the financial burden of the host. However, if the guests are mostly strangers, you can advertise it as a bottle party. Therefore, the guests can bring drinks and share some of the financial burden. However, many people will discard this and show up empty handed. You may opt to continue the Christmas festivity by serving concoctions like eggnog and serving home cooked meals.

– Music is important for a successful party. Is there a DJ in the family that will spin or do you need to hire one? The music will determine whether or not people have fun. If they can’t dance, they will go somewhere where they can.

Spontaneous Parties: You are bored at home for New Year’s Eve contemplating watching the ball drop on television, when you realize that you should host a party. You are excited, yet a bit terrified, because you have no idea what to do. Here is a suggestion:

– Send a mass text message to everyone in your phone book, with an invite and a RSVP request. If you know how many people intend to appear, you can estimate the amount of food and drinks necessary. A good idea is to make the party a bottle party. You won’t have to run by the liquor store to pick up drinks, although an ice run is a must. Gather as much take-out food as you can, such as pizza and other finger foods, keeping in mind the type of guests. The people you invite or who may show up are also important. Create an atmosphere where all your guests will want to become the “life of the party”.

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