The New Year’s Eve 2013 color of the year is…

Fashion is a major part of New Year’s Eve. Fashionistas decide upon the perfect colors for the evening and start trends, that others often adapt immediately. Well, it is hard to decide the color for New Year’s Eve 2013. The true color for this year is whatever you want. It is your decision. Wear the colors that you love, the only good advice you should listen to is “wear bright colors”. New Year’s Eve is a time to enjoy yourself and that can’t be done unless you are comfortable in your clothing. The universal understanding of Black is that it is gloomy. Stick to bright cheerful colors that will spread the joy of the holiday.

Bright colors that you may choose to wear are:

BLUE – This is a patriotic color, and also a favorite of many. If you should don an outfit in this color you are sure to be a representation of strength. If this is your favorite color, or the color you already have in your closet, do not be afraid to wear it. Be comfortable, as you party around in the city or your tiny apartment. Dance the night away, share a New Year’s kiss with someone dressed in red, and make a toast at midnight. New Year’s Eve is the last night of the year for you to be yourself and make whatever impression you want, in whatever color you want.

RED – This is a cheerful and romantic color, with a hint of sadness for the year that is about to disappear. This color can also be  a very happy color because it signifies good luck in some cultures. Embrace the color. Wearing red will surely draw attention and turn you into the Belle of the ball. This color represents the desires for the New Year and the expectations that you have, or will have. Be bold this New Year’s Eve and wear red. Wear whatever color suits you or whichever you favor. Men who will dress in suits for the night may opt for a red tie. Colored ties make statements. The night is yours to do whatever you want.

YELLOW – New Year’s Eve demands bright colors. Yellow is one such color. Embrace the wonder of the season by wearing bright colors that are dear to your heart. Celebrate in style and comfort. Be confident in your outfit and have a great time by choosing the color that no one will expect you to wear, yellow!

Other bright colors may be worn. You may also combine the colors to match personal taste and complement your mood. SILVER and GOLD play a major role in the decorations and also the outfits. These colors can be the base of the outfit or just an accessory. Add a golden necklace or a golden watch. Add a silver bracelet or silver earrings. Gold and Silver are representative of the goals we set for the New Year and the Major changes we are about to encounter in our life’s journey.

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