Where should you be during the New Year’s Eve countdown?

Where should you be during the New Year’s Eve countdown? The answer to this question leads to another question. Where do you want to be? The countdown should be spent with family and friends. As the ball drops and it gets closer to the New Year, who would you be happy to share a laugh with, or a New Year kiss? These are the persons that must surround you at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Wherever you are when the New Year starts is supposed to be filled with happiness and laughter. Ringing in the New Year is a beautiful and highly festive moment. You should be a part of the celebration.

There are three main places that are ideal for the New Year’s Eve countdown. These are: at Times Square, at a New Years’ Eve party and at home.

Times Square is the place to be for a very festive and unforgettable New Year’s Eve celebration. At this time of the year the city is beautifully decorated with beautiful lights of every color. The crowd is huge. However, the people are laughing with joy and you can sense the excitement of the evening. Whatever tension you had has evaporated and you are now looking forward to the New Year. As the Ball Drops you are filled with excitement, because you are seeing it in person, almost up close. You watch the ball as it descends and you are amazed at how this event incites a feeling of happiness inside you every year. You are overcome with joy and you are hopeful for the New Year that has just begun.

A New Year’s Eve party is also a good place to be, especially if you are single. The social mixing and mingling will allow you to meet new people and start new friendships. A party at this time of year is any gathering that has a minimum of three guests. Find a party or create your own. No one should celebrate this holiday alone. The joy with which it must be celebrated, and the euphoria it brings, demands that it be shared. The New Year’s party is not only for the single. It is great for couples as well. The couple which parties together, stays together. The party will allow you to have an exciting evening. If you are not the partying type this will allow you the opportunity to show your partner that you are versatile. You are able to do things that they love and enjoy doing it.

The other party spot is your home. Yes! The home is a very intimate setting that can be used for family celebrations. You may reuse your Christmas decorations and add a few New Year’s decorations to make the holiday fun for your children. Create the atmosphere and start your own New Year’s Eve traditions. Serve some popcorn and watch the ball drop live on TV. Make a toast at midnight, with your favorite drink. Not everyone can go to Times Square or a party on New Year’s Eve. Some people have the opportunity, yet opt to stay at home. Where you spend the New Year is your choice, so make those last few minutes count. Just find company that suits you and a have a happy New Year!

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