Why do millions gather every year at Times Square on December 31?

Times Square is the number one place to celebrate the New Year. One can bask in the festivities and contagious happiness of the people around. Times Square is famous for the Ball Drop. This is a phenomenon that must be witnessed by everyone at least once in their lifetime. Millions gather at Times Square each year for this memorable event. Those who are unable to attend, watch the event from their television.

New Year’s Eve is a great time for celebration. It involves reminiscing about the previous year and reflects the passage of time through the descent of the ball. As it nears the bottom, one is made aware of the year’s end. One is also made to realize the importance of time, because it cannot be frozen or regained once lost. This is a reminder to make the most of the time you have, because it is in the heat of the moment that actions have the most effect. There is hope and expectations for the New Year in the overall appearance of the ball. This ball of light is symbolic of the fragility of the future, as there is no way to predict it or direct life’s course. The bright glow is the hope that anything one sets one’s mind to is possible, and if one works towards it, the probability of achieving it will increase.

Why do people gather every year at Times Square on December 31? The answer is simple. They want to ring in the New Year in a way that is exceptional and highly symbolic. The atmosphere is highly suitable for families and friends. The ball drop has become a tradition for many. Tradition influences the turnout because families want to have something special to share. The Ball Drop has been around for over 100 years. It is a constant reminder of the New Year, and thus it is a great annual tradition for families who want to experience change together, and have something to share for generations to come.

The Times Square Ball Drop allows you to share the magic of the New Year with the people you love. If you are unable to make it to the square you can still bask in the radiance of the event. Watching it on the television is not the same, however it has a similar effect on the viewers.  The importance of this event and the reason why people keep coming back every year are the festivities and the celebrative sensation. The event is like a large party, you are able to meet new people and celebrate with your friends and family. You are incited to reflect on the year that is about to finish and maybe even make a New Year’s resolution. You are also able to experience great hope for the future. Euphoria spreads throughout Times Square on December 31.

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